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Harold Marcus Limited is proud to operate in conjunction with the following companies


Comptank Corporation specializes in the fabrication of DOT (407/412) approved fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) composite tank trailers available for purchase and leasing. With the advancements in their dual laminate construction of armoured thermoplastics, Comptank Corporation offers the ultimate corrosion resistance barriers with light weight and low maintenance cost trailers for haulers of corrosive liquids. For more information, please visit

Den-Mar Brines Limited is your primary source for quality, cost effective material for dust control, road stabilization, anti-icing and de-icing agents. As a member of the AORS and OGRA, Den-Mar Brines provides municipalities, townships, ministries and businesses with both winter and summer calcium brine products for road maintenance. Den-Mar Brines supplies all transportation, on-site storage solutions, and one shot applications for their customers throughout Ontario. For more information, please visit

Located near Romulus, Michigan, Geological Disposal Systems Incorporated operates a U.S. EPA Class-I deep disposal well facility, providing generators with a safe, cost-effective, and U.S. EPA-approved solution for removing over 200 types of waste from the environment. GDS manages their business and your waste with a conscientious awareness and respect for the local community and the environment by complying with all applicable regulations and laws.  All operations are conducted with a commitment to customer service and the highest environmental standards. For more information regarding Geological Disposal Systems Incorporated, contact John Scott at 519-380-5262 or email at

As a sister company to Harold Marcus Limited, JMS Industrial Services specializes in the transportation of heavy fuel oils to and from refineries, chemical plants, greenhouses and other related industries, running from Sarnia to cities in Canada and the United States, such as Windsor, Hamilton, Sault Ste. Marie, and St. Clair, Michigan.  In addition to these transportation services, JMS Industrial Services is utilized by Harold Marcus Limited for crude oil hauling when demands on the Harold Marcus fleet is at maximum capacity.  JMS also provides tilt and load transportation services, trailer rentals, and heavy machinery movements.  For more information on how JMS Industrial Services can be of assistance, contact Brian Simpson at 1-800-361-7717 or email at

S&M Liquid Tire Fill provides farm equipment dealers and repair facilities with a liquid additive used to add weight to agricultural tractor tires for increased traction and weight distribution.  The product has a high specific gravity value and does not freeze, providing farmers with a cost effective solution that can be easily injected through the tire valve stem.  S&M currently supplies tire fill to customers in Ontario, Quebec, the U.S. Northeast, Midwest and Mountain States, with the ability to supply across North America. All transportation and onsite storage solutions are provided by S&M in order to ease the burden on distributors.  To find out more about S&M’s product and how they may be able to assist you, please contact John Scott at 519-380-5262, or email him at