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Harold’s introduction to the oil industry came from his father, Andrew Marcus, who hauled oil with a horse drawn 8-barrel wooden tank from the Bothwell oil fields. In 1946, determined to work in the trucking industry, Harold purchased his first oil truck, a 1942 4-wheel drive army truck, and began his tank truck service hauling oil to Bothwell, Oil Springs, Petrolia, and eventually Sarnia. Over the years, with hard work, dedication and determination, his company grew and Harold Marcus Limited was formed. During the energy market downturn of the 1970’s, Harold Marcus Limited took the opportunity to diversify its fleet by hauling hazardous materials and hazardous waste, becoming one of the leading Canadian waste haulers. Today, Harold Marcus Limited remains a family owned and operated corporation with its head office proudly residing in the small community of Bothwell, Ontario. With 95 power units, the company’s fleet has expanded to include over 275 specialized trailers comprised of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon, roll-off, vans, trains, dumps, and our unique fleet of fiberglass trailers. All of our trailers are divided into four dedicated divisions to reduce the cleaning requirement and expense, and to also eliminate the risk of contamination.


The very nature of our business requires a special quality of driver and support team for ensuring each load is transported safely. We take pride in the fact that our training, high safety standards, and years of experience have made our employees experts in the industry. Harold Marcus Limited is dedicated to providing our employees with safe work environments and ensuring all employees receive the necessary training and re-certifications required for exceeding the health and safety standards established in our company policies. To ensure these policies are monitored and updated as needed, the Joint Health and Safety Committee comprised of employees, management, and 3rd party advisers, meet periodically to review health and safety safeguards and issues that arise. Drivers working for Harold Marcus Limited are experienced professionals. To be hired, an applicant must have a minimum of two years over- the-road driving experience. Once hired, drivers spend 40 hours participating in classroom training studying rules, regulations, defensive driving techniques and hours of service requirements. Drivers are tested throughout a 90-day probation period, only after achieving a minimum grade of 90% on their final classroom training tests.


Harold always said to treat your customers and employees with the respect they deserve and provide them with the service and commitment they require. This remains a guiding principle Harold Marcus Limited is committed to following in his memory. In order to remain committed to this motto, Harold Marcus Limited ensures consistency in every aspect of our daily operations. All of our employees, supervisors, and management will support the established policies, which are guided by the standard operating guidelines. These policies and guidelines remain open for review and change as deemed necessary. All employees are encouraged to bring ideas and suggestions forward for review. Once reviewed, management will report on any necessary amendments to either our policies or standard operating guidelines. Due to the nature of our work, Harold Marcus Limited is committed to ensuring the security of equipment, loads, and information. We go to great lengths to adhere to Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) security standards through annual safety and security audits.


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