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Harold Marcus Limited is proud to be recognized across Canada and the USA for our expertise and reliability in chemical and waste transportation. This recognition stems from the fact that safety is not an option, it’s a necessity. All equipment is kept at peak operating performance and staff must be knowledgeable, experienced and willing to participate in retraining programs provided by Harold Marcus Limited. With our ears to the ground and constant monitoring of industry trends, Harold Marcus Limited has always stayed ahead of the industry curve and is ever-evolving its capabilities by quickly adapting to changing markets, commodities, lanes, and volumes. Servicing both the private and public sectors throughout North America, Harold Marcus Limited can offer competitively priced rates with the ability to mobilize quickly while providing a high quality of expertise, giving us the ability to effectively service the unique and evolving needs of our customers. We take pride in the daily duties we perform and look forward to serving the needs of our customers…day or night!


Harold Marcus Limited, complemented with J.M.S. Industrial Services, can provide bulk crude oil and heavy fuel oil transportation from the oil fields to the refineries and plants throughout Ontario and the state of Michigan, ranging in volumes from 12.75m3 to 54.5m3 loads. Every attempt is made to ensure cost to customers is at a minimum by streamlining deliveries and pickups through logistics. All oil collected is tested for suspended moisture, temperature, and a density analysis is performed to guarantee that producers are paid fairly and equitably.

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With the growing demand of solid waste movements occurring throughout the 1990’s, Harold Marcus Limited stayed ahead of the curve by incorporating a solid waste division, utilizing single and B-train configuration roll-off trailers in its fleet. With the ability to haul loads up to 34,000kg (75,000lb) using various sized roll-off boxes, Harold Marcus Limited positions itself as a leader and expert in hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste movements.
Our equipment includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Roll-off trailers – in single and B-train axle configurations
  • 20 and 30 cubic yard roll-off boxes
  • Filter floor roll-off boxes
  • Dump trailers – in single and B-train axle configurations

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    Transporting all types of acids, bases and other chemicals across Canada and the United States, Harold Marcus Limited is equipped with a versatile fleet to meet all of your chemical transportation needs.
    Our equipment includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Stainless, aluminum, and carbon steel tanks
  • Custom designed fiberglass tanks, specifically for corrosives
  • Vacuum trailers
  • Small vacuum tank trucks
  • Pneumatic trailers
  • Rear opening vac tanks with hoists
  • Marcus maintains a large number of trailers in the fleet with a variety of axle configurations and tank compositions, from tandem to B-trains, designed to maximize the load volume for your specific lane!

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    From regulatory compliance, to obtaining the necessary special permits, security, tarping, routes and load securement, transporting specialized loads can seem like a difficult task. Harold Marcus Limited conducts these types of movements routinely with professionalism and the utmost safety, utilizing the following equipment in order to make these movements a success:
  • Gas trailers – dedicated MC 331 trailer for compressed gas.
  • Van trailers – in single and B-train configurations.
  • Flatbeds – in straight, drop deck, or double drop deck configurations.
  • Dump trailers – in single and B-train configurations.
  • Transformer trailers – specially designed van trailer with retractable tarping system to haul drummed material or large equipment.
  • If Harold Marcus Limited does not have the necessary equipment in our fleet, due to the rarity of some products being moved, we will work to procure whatever equipment is necessary to fulfill the movement successfully. Harold Marcus Limited has a team of experts who know the regulations, requirements and details needed for ensuring your specialized job is transported to your utmost satisfaction.

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    In order to actively meet changing industry needs with the growth of hazardous waste movements, Harold Marcus Limited implemented an emergency response spill team, equipped with a network of support services designed to respond to spill incidents throughout North America. With the years of experience handling hazardous materials in the oil, gas, and chemical industry, the Marcus Emergency Response team has effectively and efficiently responded to hazardous and non-hazardous incidents throughout North America such as tank truck rollovers, in-plant incidents, marine and waterway spills, train derailments, chemical attacks, and other unique emergencies. From the initial containment, to reclamation, to the final remediation, Marcus Emergency Response understands environmental regulatory requirements and works closely with the various ministries and government agencies on behalf of our clients. Utilizing a 24-hour emergency response live answering service, Marcus Emergency Response can respond effectively to any stage of a spill incident, or if our customer prefers, a comprehensive site remediation. Our team believes that its ability to respond to the diverse nature of incidents comes not only from the effort and time put into continually updating and expanding the response equipment stocked, but also from the ability to pull resources from other divisions within Harold Marcus Limited, such as vacuum trucks and trailers, flatbed trailers, van trailers, and additional personal protection equipment stocks, quickly and easily. Customer concerns of multiple invoices are alleviated when they learn that all spill response billing, regardless of equipment or 3rd parties used, is completed through one simple and easy to understand invoice with all expense documentation provided for accountability. As a transportation company, Marcus understands the position companies often find themselves in when held at the mercy of an emergency response company and the prices they seem to justify. Because of this, Marcus Emergency Response will always work with our customers to find cost-effective solutions and always use modest rates, regardless of time of day, or day in the year.

    Marcus Emergency Response is poised ready to respond at a moment’s notice with the following equipment, depending on size and complexity:

  • 1 – 45-foot command centre and equipment van trailer for emergencies that involve flammable liquids, combustible liquids flammable solids, oxidizers, poisons, and corrosive liquids and solids.
  • 1 – 45-foot waterway spill response van trailer stocked with containment and absorbent boom.
  • 2 – double-axle fast response utility trailers stocked for petroleum/hydrocarbon spills and decontamination situations.
  • 1 – 25-foot mobile roll-off storage unit used for additional personal protection equipment and absorbent stocks that can be transported and left on a spill site for large complex incidents.

  • Regardless of the product or the environment it is in, Marcus Emergency Response is not only capable, but ready to assist in any manner needed, whether it is a single vacuum trailer or the full activation of our response team!

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    For as long as Harold Marcus Limited has been operating, we have been synonymous with oil and gas well services. With the ongoing exploration and resource extraction in Ontario and Michigan, combined with the rapid growth of resource exploration in the Utica Shale Play throughout Quebec, Harold Marcus Limited has maintained and expanded its services in the oil and gas well industry. Having earned a reputation of expertise and competency, Harold Marcus Limited has the ability to service an exploratory or production well at any stage of its operation; from drilling, to fracking, to completions, and routine maintenance throughout Michigan, Ontario, and Quebec.
    Such services include:
  • Winch truck services – used to mobilize frack-tanks, drilling equipment, and office trailers.
  • Bulk water transport – large volume trailers providing 24-hour movement of fresh water for fracking operations and disposal of flowback waste water.
  • Chemical supply – small or large volumes of methanol, glycol, and hydrochloric acid for drilling, cementing, or cleaning casings. Volumes can be provided in drum, tote, or trailer capacities, with the ability to leave trailers onsite as needed.
  • Hot oiler service – providing the ability to pump heated fluids such as onsite water, oil, or chemicals under high pressure for cleaning wax and paraffin from well casings.
  • Solid waste transport – bulk transport of drilling mud and cuttings for disposal.
  • High pressure pump truck services – Vacuum tanks equipped with high pressure pumps for down-well injections.
  • Hot water supply – hot water delivered to well sites for maintenance work on well casings.

  • Click here to view a photo album of our oil and gas well services.


    With more products being shipped by rail in large bulk quantities, Harold Marcus Limited understands the need to offer its customers the ability to move product to and from rail sidings in order to complete the transshipment process. Harold Marcus Limited provides its customers the ability to transload onto tank trailer and deliver both hazardous and non-hazardous materials from rail cars to plants and refineries, or vice versa. Harold Marcus Limited also recognizes the economical benefits for our customers who only require small volume shipments periodically. We have the ability to eliminate the expense of having railcars onsite for customers, by storing a customer’s product and delivering in quantities needed, at the time they are needed.
    Harold Marcus Limited provides:
  • Transloading capabilities – for crude oil, bunker fuel, diesel fuel, caustic substances, and hydrochloric acid.
  • Onsite steaming capabilities – to heat products with low viscosities or to thaw unloading values.
  • In-transit heating – for temperature sensitive materials.
  • Scrubber filtration systems – for materials such as hydrochloric acid.
  • Transfer pumps and regulated air – to assist in the loading and unloading of materials.
  • Loading ramps with pumps and meters – for materials such as crude oil, providing accurate volume measurements.
  • Secured transfer facility – for safety and peace of mind.

  • Since all transloading processes are unique, our service capabilities can be tailored to meet any customer’s requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss possible service scenarios.

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    Continuing to expand its expertise, Harold Marcus Limited has become one of the foremost competitors in the Ontario fuel transportation industry. Offering a variety of skilled, quality services, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Harold Marcus Limited serves as an approved cross-border inter-jurisdictional transporter presently serving fuel stations, bulk plants, trucking companies, and truck stops throughout Ontario and the State of Michigan. In addition to the daily loads coming into and out of Sarnia, Toronto, Oakville, Hamilton, and London terminals, Harold Marcus Limited has the ability to load diesel and jet fuel in Michigan, and import and deliver to anywhere in Ontario, or export and deliver gas and jet fuel to locations throughout Michigan. We are also proud to serve as one of Marathon Petroleum’s few contracted Canadian carriers. This range of services could not be performed with the efficiency and professionalism on a daily basis, such as they are, without employing well trained drivers knowledgeable in the transportation of dangerous goods, and the safe loading and delivery practices of all petroleum products. Furthermore, with fuel deliveries occurring around the clock, our petroleum trailers are kept at the highest TSSA licence standards through routine servicing, semi-annual delivery equipment testing, and annual tank testing.
    Harold Marcus Limited utilizes a variety of equipment including:
  • Multi-compartment trailers (2 – 6 compartment trailers)
  • Multi axle trailer configurations (2 – 6 axles) for use in Canada and the United States
  • B-train trailer configurations for use in Canada, with volumes reaching 63,000 litre capacities.
  • Driver training pertaining to onsite stationary pumps
  • 3-inch and 4-inch gear pumps located on our tractor power units in the event stationary pumps are unavailable.

  • With Harold Marcus Limited’s Fuel Division logistics team being driven to make our daily scheduled and last minute orders delivered in a time frame that works for our valued customer base, we are confident our Fuel Division can service your transportation needs!

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